Testers Wanted

Before each release, Peak Flow undergoes a period of testing. This ensures that Peak Flow is the best it can be when it reaches users' devices. If you would like to help test and shape each new release of Peak Flow you can join the Beta Test programme and get the new features sooner. To join, head to the Peak Flow page on the Google Play Store app. Towards the bottom of the page you'll see an option to join the Beta test programme. Once in, any new Beta versions of Peak Flow will appear in the Beta tab.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Beta tester. Whilst there is not Beta release available now, you can still sign up to the Beta programme and be notified when a new release becomes available.

Details of how to send your feedback can be found on the Play Store. Of course, please feel free to email me directly if you prefer at: peakflow@amugofjava.me.uk

Thanks! Your help is very much appreciated.