Track your daily peak flow readings

  • Enter your daily readings complete with free text comments.

  • View your latest readings at a glance or scroll through your entire history.

  • Plot weekly or monthly peak flows as a graph.

  • Plot your green, yellow and red zones along with your personal best.

  • Share your graphs over services such as Email, Bluetooth and Instant Message*

  • Export your data to SD card or upload it to a storage service such as Google Drive.

  • Designed for smartphone and tablet.**

  • Completely free and ad free.

  • Support for English & German languages.

* sharing options depend upon the apps installed on your device.
** Available on Android version 4.0.3 and up.

Peak Flow is under continual development. If you have any queries, problems or just wish to express your opinion of Peak Flow, please get in contact.

Site last updated 20th December 2022