19th May 2017

The 1.4 Beta version of Peak Flow has rolled out today. This contains the following enhancements:
  • You can now manually enter your personal best value. You personal best is used to calculate your green, yellow and red zones.
  • You can specify whether the weekly or monthly graph is the default.
  • Improved support for Android 6 and above, including support for Android 7.1 application shortcuts.
You can access the Beta by going to the Peak Flow page on the Google Play Store, hitting the Beta sign up button towards the bottom of the page and then visiting the Beta section of the Google Play Store app where it will appear.

20th June 2016

After a couple of weeks Beta testing Peak Flow 1.3 is now rolling out to the Play Store with the Amazon App Store release planned soon after. This release brings with it a number of improvements and fixes including:
  • Support for recording pre & post medication.
  • Exporting data by ascending/descending reading date.
  • Setting the start day for the weekly chart.
  • German language support.
  • Improvements to the graph UI for higher resolution screens.
  • General improvements to the user interface.
  • Improved support for Android 5+.
  • Improved back button control.
  • General bug fixes.

3rd June 2016

The News section may have been quiet for some time, but work on Peak Flow continues. Peak Flow v1.3 has arrived in the Beta channel. If you would like to help test this next release, please head over to the Testers Wanted section for further details.

9th April 2015

After several Beta releases, Peak Flow v1.2 has been released to the Play Store, bringing with it support for exporting data to local and online storage.

20th March 2015

Peak Flow v1.2 has hit the Beta channel. This release sees the addition of data export, allowing you to export all or some of your data to local storage, save it to Google Drive or send it via email for example.

22nd February 2015

Peak Flow is now available on the Amazon App store. Check it out here!

20th February 2015

After several days heavy testing version 1.1 of Peak Flow has been released to the Google Play Store. Go get it!

14th February 2015

The next release of Peak Flow is now in Beta and is available via the Google Play Store to all Beta testers. This release brings additional functionality to the graph; adding automatic calculation and display of your green, yellow and red zones, along with the ability to plot your personal best. 

If you are signed up to the Beta Test Programme, you should get the update very soon. If you would like to sign up to become a Beta tester, please click on the Testers Wanted link above.

6th October 2014

After several weeks in Beta test, I am pleased to announce the first release of Peak Flow. Go get it now!

4th October 2014

After several weeks of Beta testing, Peak Flow is almost ready to release. A big thank you to all my Beta testers - you've done a great job!